Dungeness - The Weirdest Place in Britain?
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Wednesday, October 25, 2017
By James Fraser Photography
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Dungeness, the holiday destination has it all. A huge beach, a narrow-gauge railway, friendly people, a landmark lighthouse, big sky vistas. And a nuclear power station. On the edge of Kent, peering across the English Channel, sorry M. Macron, La Manche, Dungeness is best described by pictures, not words. Earnest photographers armed with tripods, backpacks and ardour, flock to this surreal, other-worldly place. Understandably. It begs to be photographed.

Designated Britain's only desert, its vast shingle beach hosts fishing boats, working, retired and fossilised. The two lighthouses rub shoulders with the looming nuclear power station, a brutalist cuboid set of functional buildings in an otherwise pancake-flat terrain.  

It's not the place time forgot. It's not a place that no-one cares about. But it is a place that likes to be left alone.

If Dungeness isn't the weirdest place in Britain, it's up there with the other contenders. But where are they  ? Suggestions welcome!




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