Whale watching in Newfoundland
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Thursday, October 19, 2017
By James Fraser Photography
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Whale watching in Newfoundland can be an amazing experience or an amazingly frustrating experience. Humpback whale have no idea of the piffling needs of tourists, naturalists or tour companies. They can put on amazing shows of vital energy breaching off the coast near Bay Bulls, Newfoundland. or they can just disappear, leaving their fans wanting more. A lot more. A grown humpback can generate a 1000 horse power with  every  thrust of its fluke and every metre of the creature weighs a ton. In July off the coast of Bay Bulls, and small fishing and tourist community reminiscent of Amity Bay in Jaws, about 40 humpback came to feed around  The Witless Bay conservation area, which also hosts a huge puffin colony.

They came for close to our boat, you could smell their breath. Like inhaling a can of sardines. These magnificent creatures are shown huge respect by the captains of the tour boast, and numbers of tourists are limited. But instead of hunting whales, with the sad exceptions of Norway, Iceland and Japan, humanity has cottoned on to a simple fact. It's better to watch them than kill them. So Norway, Iceland and Japan, catch up with the rest of us, and let these extraordinary animals be.

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